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The following list includes the titles of most booklets and leaflets available through Teams: -



  • A Leaflet – giving basic information about Teams of Our Lady

  • A Booklet – outlining what Teams of Our Lady involves

  • A Poster promoting the Teams movement




  • The Charter – The basic constitution of the Teams

  • The Teams Thirty Years On – An updating of The Charter

  • Getting to Know the Teams – This is based on the material ‘The Teams …..Thirty Years On’ and has been written to help you know more about the purpose and programme of the Teams.  It contains five chapters.

  • Guide of the Teams Of Our Lady

PRAYER CARD – The Magnificat and a summary of the Endeavours.


The following give practical advice on some of the endeavours: -

  • Word Of God (Scripture and Prayer)  

  • Couple Prayer and Family Prayer

  • Personal Prayer                                        

  • The Rule Of Life (Leaflet)

  • The Rule Of Life (Booklet)

  • The Sit Down    

  • Sharing On Team Endeavours

  • The Team Retreat

  • The Study Topic



•   The Responsible Couple (Booklet)

•   The Responsible Couple (Leaflet)               

•   The Information Couple

•   The Piloting Couple

•   The Spiritual Counsellor



Meeting Together in Christ’s Name – An Introductory Programme for new Teams containing eight chapters.  Suitable for the first eight meetings.


Meeting Together in Christ’s Name – A Renewal Programme for Teams – A programme in six chapters (meetings) to enable teams to renew their commitments or engage in a

re-piloting exercise.  Also suitable for initial piloting of new teams.


Jesus Christ at the Heart of Christian Life – Study topic set by the International Leading Team for the year 2007-2008.


Conjugal Spirituality and the Commitments of Teams of Our Lady – Study topic developed to support the Orientation of the Teams of Our Lady 2006 – 2012 and presented to the Movement at Lourdes in September 2006.

Being a Family Today in the Church and in the World – Study topic used in preparation for the Eighth International Gathering in Fatima in July 1994 – eight chapters.  Recommended for further study.

Twelve Plans For Family Prayer – Booklet accompanying the study topic ‘Being a Family Today in the Church and in the World’.  Could be used in a variety of ways to develop prayer life or as a study topic.

The Team Meeting – A booklet with eight chapters, highlighting different aspects of the monthly meeting and encouraging us to see the meeting as a high point in our team life.  Useful as a ‘refresher course’. ***

Listening to the Word of God – Eight chapters on ways of listening to the Word of God and Its place in our personal life, our married life and our life in society.

The Autumn of Life with the Teams – Eight chapters on different aspects of our later years.  A refreshing look at spiritual life for people in or approaching retirement.

Father CAFFAREL, prophet of marriage – A booklet in eight chapters based on the life, work and writings of Father Caffarel.  Eminently suitable as a study topic.


The Mystique of the Endeavours and Sharing - Study Theme – A study of the Endeavours in eight chapters.  This is an excellent study topic and is recommended as preparation for Brasilia 2012. ***

The Path to Spiritual Life as a Couple – Study Theme – A follow up on the theme of the XI International Gathering in Brasilia in 2012.  This is presented in eight chapters for study at eight Team meetings. ***


Dare to Live the Gospel – A further follow-up on the theme of the XI International Gathering in Brasilia in 2012.  This material leads us to a deep reflection on the Gospel and gives us a starting point for our mission in life.  Presented in eight chapters the material is eminently suitable as a study topic for the annual yearly cycle. ***


Discerning the Signs of the Times – This is another follow-up on the XI International Gathering in Brasilia in 2012.  This leads us to reflect on and evaluate the times in the light of the Gospel.  Again, this is presented in eight chapters for study at eight Team meetings. ***


Not Walls but Bridges – This is a study of the Couple and the Family in the Church today reflecting on discussions initiated by Pope Francis.  It is set out in topics for eight meetings and concludes with an evaluation meeting.  It was recommended as a study topic for the year 2016-2017.  In common with the other recent study topics it is eminently suitable for the ‘‘Teams Year’’. ### ***


The Mission of Love – This is a study topic recommended as orientation for Fatima 2018. It draws on Pope Francis, including ‘‘Amoris Laetitia’’ and, of course Father Caffarel.  It is set out in eight chapters to facilitate study over the Teams Year 2017-2018.  There is a ninth chapter for the Annual Team Evaluation. ### ***


Reconciliation, Sign of Love – This is the study topic recommended by the ERI for 2018-2019.  It is based on the parable of the Prodigal Son, which is broken down and studied in detail over eight chapters, with a ninth chapter for the Annual Team Evaluation.  Each chapter includes an excerpt from a reflection given by Fr. Caffarel on the parable.  The topic was prepared by a team from Ecuador. ### ***


Vocation and Mission – This is a paper presented to the Teams Movement by the International Responsible Team at the gathering in Fatima in July 2018.  It was adapted as a study topic for the Teams Movement in Oceania in April 2019.  It focusses on the place of Teams and our founding principles in the changing world of the early twenty first century. ### ***


The Holy Couple: Joy of the Church.  Witness to the World – This is the study topic recommended by the ERI for 2019-2020.  It aims to promote the exhortation of Pope Francis to holiness, in his book Gaudete et Exsultate, in April 2018.  We are guided through the various aspect of holiness as married couples and as members of Teams. This topic follows the established pattern of eight chapters followed by a ninth chapter as a basis for the annual review. ### *** 


Marriage – A Sacrament of Mission – This is the Study topic recommended by the ERI for the coming year 2020-2021.  The theme was drafted by a team drawn from the Super Region France-Luxembourg-Switzerland. This study of marriage is based on extracts from the writings of Fr. Caffarel and also includes Vatican texts with emphasis on Amoris Laetitia.  Like other study topics this is set out in eight chapters with a ninth chapter for the annual review. ### ***




###Available on-line via the Irish website -  

*** Also available on-line via Transatlantic website – 

Edited  September 2020

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