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Details of Teams Mass 8th December

RC Day 7th October 2023

Details for upcoming information nights in September in links below.

Tandem Teams information night 16th September 2023

Teams information night 24th September 2023

Celebrate International Marriage Week -

February 7th to 14th 2023

Couples of Teams of Our Lady......want their love, sanctified by the sacrament of marriage, to give glory to God and bear witness to people, clearly proving that Christ has saved love.

The Charter of Teams of Our Lady,

Fr Caffarel, 1947

ERI Letters
December 23 - "We are married" video

October 23 - Formation ERI couples
October 23 - Formation Fr. Londano

October 22 - Being Church

October 22 - Teams of Our Lady

Tandem Teams

Teams of Our Lady has also developed a project for young couples called Tandem: it is directed to both married and engaged couples and it offers an occasion to dialogue in-depth with your partner/spouse and with other couples. The Tandem course is based on Christian ethos and is open to young couples, Christians or non-Christians, who want to build their relationship on solid and durable grounds, and enjoy a space - a group! - where you can reflect on the different aspects of life. Similarly to Teams of Our Lady, the journey in Tandem involves a team with 4-5 young couples, an accompanying couple and a chaplain; they will meet (online or in person, according to the location of the members) once a month for roughly a year and a half. If you would like to know more about the Tandem journey, you are more than welcome to contact us at and check us out at".

We will have an information night on the 3rd September at 8.30pm. Everybody is welcome! Join us on Zoom at this link (Meeting ID: 898 5679 1391 // Passcode: tandem)

This is the testimony and picture of the couple, Megan and David (you can find it in our website too)

"So grateful for Tandem meetings that help us have really intentional date nights that have a focus of conversation and help us really have wholesome time together! Then the meetings are always so good, and just such a learning curve about others. We have a really great group and our team leaders really look out for us and demonstrated such love and support! An invaluable gift to our marriage"

Megan & David

Marriage Masterclass continues

A gentle reminder that our private Facebook group called Marriage Masterclass with Teams of Our Lady continues its existence... far beyond the 8-day masterclass held in early December. 

This Facebook group is currently hosting another amazing initiative called Teams EXPERIENCE, along with some of the wonderful Masterclass videos.

Teams EXPERIENCE is an English-language project, started in early December, which promotes the beauty and diversity of Teams of Our Lady. Led by a group of moderators from 11 countries and 4 continents, this inspirational initiative consists of testimonial quotes from members of Teams in various Regions and Super-Regions as indicated by the poster in the attachment.

Join our Facebook group:

Please share this great news with people of good faith, whether in Teams or not! Share a light of hope during these challenging times!

Conjugal Love - a Path to God

Link below to an article from The Irish Catholic on the recent publication of this book, written by members of Teams and published in September 2020.

Spirit Radio Podcast on Teams November 2020

Conjugal Love - a Path to God

How to host a Virtual Teams Meeting on Zoom

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy

ERI Newsletter

January 2023

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