Equipes Notre-Dame (Teams of Our Lady) is a Christian Movement for married couples seeking to develop their relationship with God both personally and as a couple:

      • It was started by Fr. Henri Caffarel in 1939 and since then it has spread throughout more than 70 countries around the world.
      • The foundation stone of the Movement is the team, which consists normally of 4 to 6 couples and a team Chaplain.
      • They meet together once a month, in one another’s homes to share a simple meal, their faith and their lives and challenges in a trusting and caring way.
      • The team couples and the team chaplain pray together and share the highs and lows of their lives. The couples support each other in their efforts to live the sacrament of their marriage and bear witness to the values of Christian marriage
      • The teams are grouped into Sectors. The Sectors are grouped into Regions and the Regions into Super Regions;
      • Ireland, Great Britain, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa and Malawi are grouped together as a Super Region (see Super Region structure below).
      • The whole of Ireland forms one Region and there are 31 teams in Ireland spread throughout the Sectors (see map below).
      • Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit new teams continue to be formed in Ireland. Four new teams were recently formed, one in Dublin, one in Navan, one in Dunshaughlin and one in Sligo